Natasja Loutchko




Mental Spa
18:23 min, 2018
HD, mobile-phone, colour

Mudder on a Mental Spa
ho ho says the lobster
here you are life is great.

Mudder is referring to a way to describe a feeling on how it is to work with something that you are trying to shape, or something that could be used as a face mask to drag shit out of your pores.

In 2016 my mum and I decided to go to California on a roadtrip to make a film, at the time she had not told me that she was using again so when we came to California she had a come down so the whole project became a Mental Spa. So it was hard for me and for her to know what was real or not, jumping between motels on a tight budget. I just want us to look at the waves in the sunset. I started to feel like everything was sticking to me like chewing-gum. She puked alot. She showed me the sign of calmness.


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