Natasja Loutchko

Natasja Loutchko & Max Göran @ BABES BAR
Max Göran as Steven
Natasja Loutchko as Ed
we are the Forest Babes
that lit your ass on fire
November 22 2017

Video by Adam Fearon

Babes Bar

Babes Bar is a regular artist-run bar that started at Agora and partner venues in Berlin. Babes Bar was initiated by Caique Tizzi with Adam Fearon, John Holten and Raphaela Vogel during the Augury Program at BQ. Artists are invited to host an evening with performances, readings and screenings

Running since September 2017 at Agora, Babes Bar has been hosted by:

John Holten
Stephanie Comilang
Marlene Stark
Eilis McDonald
Natasja Loutchko & Max Göran
Enad Marouf & Billy Bultheel
Elif Saydam & Alex Turgeon

For every new event, a short announcement video is posted at Babes Bar instagram page.

geschlossen Gesellschaft **

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