Natasja Loutchko



Pane Per Poveri - PPP is a transient project celebrating creativity, vision and human potential faced with the socio-economic and post-political crisis we experience today. Working in close proximity to major art events, the project is an experience of (art) community, conscious of the implications of exclusion embedded in the term community. Fully exhausted from elitist cloaks of the art world, PPP casts aside any fantasies of a naïf art community.

Embracing people’s everyday negotiations with - and evasions of - the mechanisms of power, PPP occupies a specific location as a temporary meeting point for beautiful strangers willing to surrender to unknown personal geographies and open to mutual understanding, sharing and compassion. PPP's modus operandi is that of a loosely controlled experiment with space for unlimited improvisation, ephemeral performative gestures of resistance and humble interventions. It’s a slippery slope of friendship building, accepting the possibility of failure in an attempt to bring together, if only for a moment, those excluded and/or forgotten by the powers that be.

About PPP