Natasja Loutchko




S.P.I.T was founded together with Marta Orlando and Clementine Roy and Natasja Loutchko in Berlin 2020. Exploring togetherness of a new queering biosphere trough video and collaboration.
In a flowing way we act, and react to each other's inputs.
Spit it out was the first video work shot in Grunewald in Berlin. Grunewald is a large forested area in the western part of Berlin. It is a place for walks, sunbathing and cruising activities.
In this sense, we reclaimed the site through liquidity and fluids.
Spit it out could be added to or modified in its current form.

The last video work that we as a group worked on was made in Tiergarten exploring the cruising site with a thermic camera and our bodies.

All forms of secretion are appreciated in the glory age when one swallows the spittle of one's lover. One spits with pleasure among her people of lovers. The act of spitting requires some practice.
"Monique Witting"