Natasja Loutchko

Every mouth must be Fed

The project Every Mouth Must Be Fed, presented by Pane Per Poveri, unfolds as a series of laboratories dedicated to the possible realization of a sustainable creative canteen, realized with the contribution of artists active in different areas. Every Mouth Must Be Fed consists of a five phase cycle developed over several months and involves five pairs of artists. Each phase investigates a specific segment of the food production chain — sowing, harvesting, transformation, service, celebration — through a dialogic relationship that each pair of artists will develop with each other and with the laboratory participants.

Stemmed by the need shared amongst its founders to offer an alternative way of experiencing art, it has been – since its creations in 2015 – Pane Per Poveri’s mission to investigate possibilities of art fruition that revolve around horizontality, sustainability and active engagement with the areas of interventions and the communities that inhabit them.

Every Mouth Must Be Fed rethinks the sense of contemporary togetherness and considers the rite of hospitality, manifested through commensality, as a social act to be explored and analysed in its own cultural and political aspects. As much as the final realisation of the active canteen is the aim of a future project by Pane Per Poveri, Every Mouth Must Be Fed intends to activate a research about food seen as an essential interface between art and life.

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