Natasja Loutchko

Cave in Cloud by Jul Zabowskx @cave3000

Give it some time to load. Go fullscreen
Use arrow keys or WASD keys to walk.
Mouse/pad to look around
Spacebar to jump
Esc to get out

Cave in Cloud is a virtual version of Cave3000 built by Jul Zabowskx.
Physically not able to be in CAVE3000 and somewhere else, they built this version of Cave as an alternative weird way to host and document shows. Additional rooms will be added of past shows, and future ones. On view is Half pipe and Hay by Jul Zabowskx, Gravity Sucks Again by Sophie Serber, Horsegirlclub, ELLA CBs Jolie Objects and Offal by Ida Lennartsson


episode 4 - pink styrofoam strikes back! looking more like a traditional art space (?) ----------------->>>

episode 3 - things are getting messier. New room with Offal by Ida Lennartsson (WOP!) to the right from the horse ------->

episode 2 - Horse Girl Club Room